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The Hosts of Westworld: Human or Synth? The Artifice Jun 02, 2018 · The Hosts of Westworld: Human or Synth? Warning: This article contains spoilers for season one and two of HBO’s Westworld. It has become one of HBO’s biggest hits. With over 2.1 million viewers tuning in to catch the premiere of its second season, Westworld … Read more

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Westworld’s Thandie Newton ‘wanted to cry’ after filming … Apr 21, 2018 · Thandie Newton has revealed how she ‘wanted to cry’ after filming her nude scenes for Westworld, and there’s a pretty emotional reason why. The 45-year-old actress plays Maeve in HBO’s… The Programmer – Sunnyhills – Westworld (TV) [Archive of … An Archive of Our … Read more

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"Westworld" Virtù e Fortuna (TV Episode 2018) – "Westworld … Even westworld with one of their bad episodes is still a 8 to me!!! I love this show. … setting the humans free and then ‘comically’ insisting on helping to escort a woman to safety as she runs from him. This bit is depicted in … Read more

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Why Thandie Newton Owns Her Full Bush on ‘Westworld’ May 27, 2018 Thandie Newton isn’t afraid of nude scenes on her show, HBO’s hit Westworld. During the first season, she plays Maeve, a humanoid robot who was programmed to be a brothel owner and sex… ‘Westworld’ Season 2’s First Full Frontal Nude Scene Was A … Read more